WA Govt urged to commit to mental health plan

  1. Sunday, May 16, 2004. 8:13am (AEST)
    WA Govt urged to commit to mental health plan

    Australia's top mental health group warns there will be more violence in Western Australia's mental hospitals if the State Government continues to ignore a solution it has already committed to.

    Police had to be called to the Swan Districts Hospital yesterday when a male patient in a secure ward reportedly threatened staff with an iron bar.

    It is the third such incident at the hospital in recent months.

    The Perth-based chairman of the Australian Mental Health Council, Keith Wilson, says the WA Government is supposed to be committed to the National Mental Health Plan.

    He says while the New South Wales Government has budgeted $240 million, WA is left with a system that is breaking down.

    "In our state, in our Budget, there was nothing for mental health," Mr Wilson said.

    "We can't expect the problems are going to go away if the Government's not prepared to make it a serious priority in terms of spending."

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