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  1. just like to say well done to the site.....its the best discussion board I have seen. Can anyone explain junior and senior member and what the reason for this is?
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  3. by   researchrabbit
    Member status has to do with the number of posts that you have. If you get enough posts, you can make up your own title. Glad to have you here! I think Brian did a great job.
  4. by   illecob
    so what does research rabbit mean?
    and what does making up your own title mean?
    thanks for reply.
  5. by   researchrabbit
    Underneath your name is your status; you are Junior Member. Under my name you can see "Ebay Queen" (I made it up )>

    Research is what I do (research nursing). Rabbit is from Alice in Wonderland -- the White Rabbit was always late (just like me!)
  6. by   MIKEY LIKES
    What does illecob mean? Oh...and welcome,this place is kewl.
  7. by   researchrabbit
    Mikey, do you have your cat yet??
  8. by   illecob
    hi again,
    illecob is Bocelli fav tenor Andrea Bocelli.
    I am in research too...clinical trials. How do you get to be senior member? How many posts do you need? Not that I have a title!
  9. by   disher
    I think you become a senior member once you reach 50 posts.
  10. by   researchrabbit
    I used to do clinical trials in psychiatry. After 12 years, I wanted something different, so now I am working in a government sponsored institution (called a General Clinical Research Center) in which we do studies for investigators within the community; the idea is that a center which assists with research will spark more independent research. It is certainly a variety of different things; I am working on 12 different studies at this point. We are starting an incontinence study (using electrical stimulation to build muscle tone) next week...