USA nurse with New Zealand license wants to move to OZ!!!

  1. Hello, everyone.

    I'm a USA new grad nurse. I've just graduated from my BSN course and been working as a RN in med/surg unit from last July. I've been trying to register as a RN in Austraila and New Zealand and move there in this August.

    I've jut got my nursing registration in New Zealand and asked them for certificate to practice, New Zealand nursing council said it will take probably 2wks to issue me a certificate to practice.

    The thing is... I've already applied to AHPRA(Australian Nursing Board) for my nursing registration last January 10th!!! I know that I can register as a RN in Australia more easily with my New Zealand RN license.

    However, I'm not sure what to do. I called AHPRA several times, but I got different answers from AHPRA each time!! Some of them advised me to cancle my old application with my USA RN license and apply again with my NZ license, since it will take quicker than my USA one. However, some of them said they can't guarantee anything, even though I have NZ license!!!

    Is there anyone who already applied to AHPRA with NZ license?? How long does it take with NZ license to reigster as a RN in Australia??? I have to calculate my time wisely, since my working visa in USA will be expired in this July.

    I can't decide between my choices.

    1) Just let AHPRA deal with my USA license and wait for their result- I think it take about 3 months, it already has been a month, so just 2 more months to register as a RN in OZ. I'm pretty positive that I could register as a RN in OZ with my USA BSN degree especially when NZ nursing council recoginized my BSN as their equal.

    2) Re-apply with my NZ nursing license. I think I could apply in early March, since I'm waiting on my certificate to practice.

    Which path do you think take less time and effort?? Please enlighten me!!!
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  3. by   Seawitch
    I really have no idea, but I know it's really easy for me as an OZ nurse to get registration in NZ, because we have a trans-tasman arrangement. SO I would think that it would be easier to register via NZ.
  4. by   carolmaccas66
    Keep the NZ license. AHPRA should recognise this quicker. Ring/email them again and ask to speak to a senior person. Can't believe this is taking so long for u!