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    Me and my collegue are Clinical Nurse Specialist (from UK) have just arrived back today from USA after attending the nursing conferance. I was really looking forward to hear presentations from the nurses but to my surprise majority of presentations were given by the medical. Hence there was lot about medical aspects (new technologies, new treatment etc). Whilst all these presentations where of high standard and relevant, i have learnt nothing new from nursing perspectives.

    We CNS do lots of presentations here in the UK and abroad, disseminating good nursing practices.

    I also presented my poster (audit: evaluation of pt information leaflet) and the organisor where impressed that we are invited again to present our work.

    Apart from that i met some wonderful nurses from different part of the world. I think we all nurses should unite in helping each other in disseminating our good nursing practices (researches, audits, case studies etc) at the conferences just like drs does.

    What do you think?
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    think it is a great idea