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    I was wondering if there are any other students out there in the same boat as me. I am in my 2nd year of nursing (in uk) now and I would love to go work in the usa for a bit a couple of years after i qualify . I would like to go with an agency as they take you through it step by step, however you need to have 80 hours of clinical practice as well as 40 hours theory in obstetrics, psychiatry and child branch. As an adult nursing student my university will not let me do this, I asked them and they are not willing to let me have either the theory hours or the placement hours, is there anyone in the same boat as me and what have they done about it? I realllly would be greatful!

    Thing is I am sure new qualified nurses who want to do the same must surely be having the same problems? I would like to know how they overcame them

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  3. by   suzanne4
    When you finish your studies there, why don't you see if you can come over to the US and do those rotations, or see if you can do them at another nursing college where you are. Nothing says that they have to be in the same school as all of your other rotations, just that they are in an approved school of nursing. You could also do them in another country, remember, just an approved school of nursing....

    Hope that this helps......................