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    I wonder if anyone could help? I'm a second year student nurse who is due to qualify in August next year. I really would love to start my nurse career in NZ after qualifiying, though if it was left to me i'd pack in my training here and continue in NZ but i don't think that would be feasible!! I visited NZ last year for a month and loved it. I'm aware of all the challenges it will bring and i know nursing posts don't pay as well as what they do here in the UK so i'm going into this with my 'eyes open'! Does anyone have any help or advice they could offer? thanks x
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  3. by   dubstar

    I am also a 2nd year student who will also qualify in August next year, only I am ex UK and doing my degree in NZ. The only info I could give you is to contac the district health boards (equiv of NHS) as they provide graduate programmes. You will need residency for this though. Salary for grads is 40k nzd + but this may change next year.

    hope this helps