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  1. I'm a Canadian RN working in elderly care and currently processing my UK registration. I am wondering if anyone has uncovered any info on the best agencies to head to the UK with. I have heard of BUPA and health professionals. Any others? It is difficult to know how to check them out. Most sites have testimonials but no way of contacting the nurses to find out first hand. I've also thought of heading over on my own (I'm have my dual citizenship) to get a job but not sure if they'd hire me that way. Sure would appreciate any thoughts on this.
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  3. by   Ivy Purdom
    Our hospital mainly uses BUPA but also Allied Medicare. Bupa has the best reputation. If you wish I can email contact numbers
  4. by   stprdi_01
    Thanks for the reply Ivy. I will check to see if Allied Medicare has a website. Bupa did sound good on their website but there's nothing like getting it first hand. Are you from North America?
  5. by   Ivy Purdom
    Hi, no I'm from Northumberland in England,SO obviously I have first hand experience of these agencies. Any help I can give I will. Are you registered with the UKCC?
  6. by   stprdi_01
    I had my paperwork out and set to go and then I started checking out the agency websites. They all seem to suggest that they would be able to take the worry out of registration for you and do it much quicker. I imagine that would be the way to go. Now to decide which one. It sounds so far like BUPA or Thornbury are the top ones. I'd appreciate any help. Maybe you would know how I'd find out which offers the best for its nurses and what the nurses themselves think of them. Thanks Ivy
  7. by   Ivy Purdom
    You could check out UKCC site -message boards. Thornbury seem to pay better rates and offer good support. It depends on where you decide to work. I live in the North east of England and BUPA is the most popular agency with hospitals and nursing homes. I have talked to a lot of their staff and they are very satisfied.
  8. by   stprdi_01
    Hi. I tried that. There is nothing on there at the moment but I may post something. It doesn't look like it sees much action. I will have to go back to the sites for BUPA and Thornbury and make sure there were no message boards there. I don't remember seeing any. Keep in touch.
  9. by   Ivy Purdom
    Many nurses from abroad are experiencing delays registering with the UKCC, it may be quicker through an agency. There are some agency nurses on the UKCC message boards at the moment, they may be able to give you some ideas.
  10. by   stprdi_01
    I checked the messages there and there were no threads running that would apply but you're right, I could just post and maybe somebody that's already on there would have an idea. My own nursing registration body here had no idea of where to even start. Helpful.
  11. by   donmurray
    You could try the Royal College of Nursing at They have an international department.
  12. by   ahyman
    I am an RGN working in the uk.Providing you are registered with the UKCC you should find it fairly easy. it may be worth bringing 2 refrences with you as most agencies ask for this
    Hope this helps
  13. by   Mike-CPN-UK

    Any reason why you want to work for an agency and not an NHS unit? We're always short of staff. Register with the Nursing Times (our nurse magazine) and you can view adverts for jobs and from agencies.


    PS Love Canada! Been a few times. Perhaps we could swop houses?
  14. by   seanymph
    Does someone have links for BUPA and the others. Thanks.