travek nursing in UK

  1. Traveling to UK in the near future to work as agency nurse from the US. So many agencies - any opinion on which companies are most reputable ... with most benfits ... best pay ... honesty ... etc?
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  3. by   Kaylesh
    Hiya ,
    I think it really all depends on where you want to work.. England,Scotland Wales.. etc.. and if you want to work in the big cities/towns or out in the smaller hosptials.. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of Nursing Agencies here in the UK.. Though Im only familiar with a few here near where i am in Scotland..
    Feel free to ask any other questions..
  4. by   Gypsygrrrl
    Actually - I am planning to live in London - also going to work in Sydney as well, so was looking for a large co that staffs nurses worldwide - dont know if I will find it, though.
  5. by   Kaylesh
    Hiya try some of these sites...
    Hope these are helpful.
    Good Luck with the search..
  6. by   frannybee
    I can *highly* recommend Firstpoint Healthcare, they have offices all over the UK and in Australia too. I worked for them for just over a year and loved them, PM me if you want some more details.