1. Hi I'm Toby..I just moved here 5 months ago from Vancouver,B.C..I was hired as an RN on a Medical Floor at a hospital in Oakland..When i was hired I was given $8000 relocation expense, however I had to sign a contract to work there for 2 yrs..I hate this job at this hospital..I don't like the client population and the surrrounding environment..Compared to Canada, the paper work is overwhelming..I've been constantly written up for omission's, errors, etc..A few weeks ago I was summoned to a disciplinary meeting with my manager and another lady from Labor relation's,etc....It was a terribly intimidating interrogation..At the time,I did not know that I could have had a representative with me for moral my manager called me and demand's that i meet with her and that same lady tomorrow..i have called A CNA rep to be there and she said she would try to contact another nurse from my floor to be there also..i feel terribly trapped..if i quit i will have to pay the full $8000 plus taxes of $5212.22 plus interest plus hotel expenses, etc..God..I would pay the $8000..As stated earlier i'm feeling very trapped..Does anyone have any advice..has anyone out there ever broken a contract and not paid the entire amount back...HELP!
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    I moved your post to a Forum that may have more advice. Good luck.