to all who took the nlex-rn in Phils.

  1. hi guys! would like to ask some help...i'm from iloilo city...would like to ask help regarding any place- hotels, inns or safe, cheap, near testing site to stay in makati city?

    if you could also add, how to go there from the airport...i would gladly appreciate your help. thank you
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    Hi forxeinegirl,

    When will you be taking your nclex?
  5. by   ccmc_rn
    Well this is in reply to forexinegirl, we stayed at Citadel Inn in Makati its located at P. Burgos St. Makati its one ride going to Trident Building... their rate is reasonable especially if you book for double 2thou/day with discount if you work in a company have a companion so that you could divide it by two right!! I suggest that from the airport you get the service of a rent a car, but of course if you're familiar with the area you ride a taxi bec you know how taxi drivers are... Citadel Inn is around 20min. drive from the airport or you can go to their website, I hope this helps and good luck on your NCLEX exam!!!
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  6. by   bambini
    forexinegirl - just a piece of advise...don't take the airport coupon taxi. they charge a zonal fare regardless if your destination is near. btw, what airline are you taking? if you're taking PAL you might have a hard time getting a metered taxi.
  7. by   bambini
    there's also a hotel very near the testing center. just behind the makati central post office. forgot the name tho'. walking distance pa to trident bldg.