to all december 2006 NLE passer...pls read

  1. hi! would like to ask if the questions formulated during dec.2006 was entirely new?

    is it true that no questions was repeated from previous exam?

    was it nclex type of question esp. medsurg part? coz if it's nclex type, i would not bother to review the compilations of previous board q's...

    pls advise to what topics that was given the focus...a friend of mine told me that no question was asked about the DOH's the IMCI that composed the bulk of the q's...

    I higly appreciate your advice...what's the best book do u think? thank you so much...
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  3. by   enitsirkynevorzbab
    hi there forexinegirl! i passed the december 2006 NLE..

    yeah its true, i havent encountered any questions from DOH.. and reading from previous board questions wouldnt help you at all because ive done that and i assure you that not even a single question from that compilation was asked during our exam.. i still suggest that you read the DOH and other books related to nursing because we dont really know what questions will be asked so its better for you to have your own reading and review as well..

    because of the controversy last june, ive heard that they totally made new sets of examinations and none of those questions will be repeated for the next examinations..

    you should focus on all the given topics like med-surg, ob-pedia and the like.. its hard to guess when your in the exam proper.. so the best thing is to review, review and review... and of course pray!
  4. by   suzanne4
    The NLE exam has been nothing like the NCLEX exam in the past. Would not focus on the NCLEX prep for this exam. Think more in terms like the CGFNS exam.