Tax allowance for washing uniforms

  1. Anyone else come across this problem? All the trained nurses at my hospital claim tax allowance for washing uniforms. We got the forms from the RCN and sent them off.

    One of the HCA's sent off a claim form and was told by Inland Revenue that she couldn't have the allowance because our hospital would wash our uniforms for us.

    I have a problem with this as

    1. Full time staff are only given 4 uniforms, so what happens at weekends and bank hols when the laundry is not open.

    2. We no longer have any changing facilities at our hospital. I do not think it appropriate to change uniforms in toilets.

    Can anyone help me with this? I phoned Inland Revenue on behalf of the HCA, but spoke to someone who sounded like he was 12 years old (I am showing my age now). I just don't think it is fair some can claim the allowance, and others cannot. We are going to write another letter stressing the fact that although the trust can wash our uniforms, it is just not practical.

    I know in my heart that it is a lost cause, but would appreciate some help. Ta.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Full time only get 4 uniforms, wow, my last hospital gave everyone full time 7 uniforms and part time between 2-4 depending on how many hours/days they did. I never claimed but know many who did. Very unfair if some can and other can't. Hope you get it sorted
  4. by   NovaScotiabound
    At my hospital full timers only get 4 tunics and only 2 pairs of trousers. We have to wash every day for the next day and there is not an option to have laundry done at work.
  5. by   lilcajunnurse
    My hospital we buy our own uniforms. So do I get this tax allowance???
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from lilcajunnurse
    My hospital we buy our own uniforms. So do I get this tax allowance???
    Unfortunately we are in the UK but I am sure that there will be some sort of US equivalent