Taking IELTS in Saudi arabia

  1. I would like to elicit some advice and some answers from my queries to those who had taken IELTS exam in Saudi
    Ive searched the internet about IELTS.,The British council are the only ones conducting IELTS in Saudi..,
    I've heard that, paritcularly in Riyadh, they are strict in terms of going out for some reasons..,So,i want to know if the written and oral exam in British council is conducted at the same day?And how and where can I apply for my IELTS exam there?,,Also,maybe you can give me some tips in able gain at least 7 band score in speaking...Hopefully this MAy I will be workin there...So, i dont have that much time to take the IELTS here in the Phils.

    P.s. I would be overwhelm if you tell me what still other things that i should know about IELTS in Saudi
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