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  1. i was looking for some details, which i was not able to find in any web site very clearly.

    i am an indian diploma nurse presently working in uae and got around 7 years of exp. i got the decision letter from nmc in july 2005. as per the nmc i can do 3 months supervisory practice (old system). but how can i find out one placement for that?

    when i contacted nhs advice help line and nmc they said you need to directly check the trust hospitals. when i check there sites and when i email to them they are telling you need to be in uk to apply. but with out an offer letter i will not get the visa also. i may be able to come by visit visa or so, but i am not sure after coming like that can i apply or can i change to some other visa.

    i heard that many nurses already there and their nmc reg. prn is going to expire still they haven't got any placements. it is very tight to get.

    what is the best way to find a supervised practice from abroad?

    the nmc and nhs is telling don't pay any money to agencies, but is there any other way other than that?

    is there a please where you will get the list all trust email id, so that can be applied to all?

    can i do the new system, if so who all offer and any idea what all the prices?

    i know i asked lot of questions, but i haven't got any clear idea for any of this till now after a 1 month search.

    any advice on this will be appreciated

    thanks in advance
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  3. by   Fonenurse
    if you are getting that sort of response from trusts, and there has been a new system started by the nmc, then i suggest you go back to the nmc and ask their advice because, to be honest, there are some horror stories about people being 'abused' by some less reputable agencies...

    i think your best bet would be to go back to the nmc and seek their advice on this one... the document you will find useful is here the relevant info is on page 5

    in order to qualify for entry to a programme you will need to present the approved educational institution with the original nmc assessment letter, original ielts certificate, and an appropriate immigration visa. if you have to take a period of supervised practice as part of the programme, you may do this only in practice settings that have been properly audited by the approved educational institution responsible for the programme. the approved educational institution will arrange those placements as part of the programme as well as an appropriate mentor for you. your mentor will need to be a registered nurse who has qualified in the same field of practice to the one you are applying for, and will have to meet our standards for being a mentor.

    all the best nayana - please let us know how you get on, or if we can help further...
  4. by   nayana
    thanks for the quick comments. i will call nmc today and check what i can do best. let me check with home department about the visas also.

    but i heard that if i come down there still it is tough to get a supervised practice since there are many in waiting list need to complete before the new system.

    if it is that tight to get chance in old system, it is ok for me to do the new system also if it is not very costly. but i seen 2-3 sites one was uk pound 3500 and other was 4500 and a university site i seen around 500 pounds. i didn't have any comparison idea what might be the cost on it.

    i think in the jobs section of nmc they should have supervised practice section also for search. then it will be much easier.

    please post any new info is available. thanks