Student nursing placement in New Zealand

  1. I am a UK student Paediatric nurse in my second year and need to arrange a placement for four weeks in July 2012. I want to do my placement in New Zealand but have to have a UK registered nurse to sign off my work! Is there anyone out there who can help?

    I want to emigrate later on in my life which is the reason for arranging this placement so far away from my home!

    If there are any nurses out there who are UK registered or anyone who can give me some direction about finding a placement it would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   carolmaccas66
    Doesn't ur university help out with this? My old uni helped out with some distance placements, you need to ask at the school of nursing.
    I would contact all the hospitals in NZ where u want to go and ask them for their advice, and ask for the nursing reccruitment section. Since the phone calls will cost u a fortune, ask them to call you back & b4 you do that, get email addresses off everyone, cos u will have to figure in the time difference as well.
    Would it not be better to do a placement in the UK first to get experience, to save you time and money coming over to NZ?