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    Now that i can't go to the US, look for employment there and go the "adjustment of status" route because of the retrogression, I find my hospital options limited as i am going through the internet because not all are "accessible" to us outside the country and at this time. There is this hospital in California (the state i will be sooon be working in) that is interested (thru a friend) but i visited their web site to check it out and it doesn't suite me. I honestly would like to work and train in a hospital where i feel i can grow in the path i choose in nursing. As in working in a hospital with "purpose". I am not asking for too much nor am i expecting too much with my limitations but i don't want to just work for any employer for the sake of getting a priority date and rushing off to the US. What are your thoughts on this option: waiting for the retrogression to lift, then go to the US for the adjustment of status (my tourist visa expires 2009 and hoping the retrogression wouldn't extend to that time)..then in the meantime, just continue working here so my nursing skills won't "rot" and i don't vegetate from not working ? Thanks. Suggestions...
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  3. by   suzanne4
    It is never advised to go to the US an plan on going the AOS route. You will need to be in the US for at least five months before you will be able to start working legally. Most do not have the funds to wait that long. And there is nothing that can be doen to speed that up, or you have a higher chance of getting the petition denied. And if it gets denied, everything else gets cancelled.

    You are always much further ahead to go the CP route. If the hospital HR website cannot be accessed out of the US, then that should tell you something; they do not petition foreign nurses.
  4. by   purplecotton
    Well...all in God's timing. Will keep my eyes and ears open and stay updated . Thanks...going back to work in the meantime!