Staff development

  1. I have applied for a Staff education facilitator post and was wondering.............

    Do you have this in your hospital ? and if so, how valuable is this post is to your practice ?

    what would you want from an educational facilitator?

    Obviously I have my own thoughts on it, but truely would value your expertise and knowledge

    Many thanks in advance

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  3. by   frannybee
    Jacky, will try to respond to this post once I've slept - it's great to know that a potential Ed.Facilitator actually wants to know what WE want!
  4. by   jevans
    Thanks Franny

    I believe that it is so important that development must improve patient care and that the bedside nurse do know what they need to improve that care

    I feel the post involves supporting nurses to achieve their potential
  5. by   tony summers
    We have practitce development nurses here that do an invaluable job. The one specific for our A&E provides us with details of many study days that we would not normally think we could be involved in. They act as link with the local colleges with regarding to further nursing course that are around.

    They also provide alot of inhouse teaching and will do work to teach something that they do not know about themselves.

    They act as a resource to allow everyone to reach their own full potential and identify those that aren't and provide plans on how they can progress.
  6. by   UKPedsRN
    I am looking to speak with any nurses who are involved in staff development, in particular related to KSF and e-learning. If anyone is a nurse educator, can they contact me please?
  7. by   XB9S
    I have worked as a professional development nurse and now work very closely with the lovely lady who took over from me.

    The post in my directorate aims to support qualified nurses in thier practice, identify and allocated funding for appropraite courses - both formal and not. It has set up and runs in house training in areas that have been identified as a problem such as recognition of sick patients, and it also facilitates development programs so there is a band 5 nurse development and band 6 nurse development program with study days each month which is accessible to all nurses within the unit.

    She chairs quality and standards meetings, and is in charge of the trust newly qualified nurse rotation program.

    The PDN also provides clinical supervision for all grades of staff and supports nurses who have been identified has having clinical compitency problems formulating action plans and supporting the nurses to help the achieve the objectives.

    It is a very busy job but one I really loved doing, and I know the lady who is doing it now also enjoys the work.

    Good luck