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  1. Can anyone please r/t their personal experience with sponorship for nurses over the age of 45. My husband and I are 47 and 49 year old US educated RN's. My husband has 15+ years of experince in mental health nursing while I am a RN since May 2004. I have completed a ER internship and after working 8 month in the ER went to acute inpatient psychiatry where I have and am working for the past 15 month. I just got a second job in physical rehabilitation. Both of us want to work in Australia for several years. While I have Australian family members I am a German citizen. Which agency or hospital has been known to sponsor RN's over the age of 45. Thank's in advance for any reponses
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  3. by   gwenith
    I think it is a matter of try. The majority of our hospitals are "state" hospitals i.e. owned and funded by the state that they are in. Possibly you would have a better chance with somewhere that is short of nurses at the moment - but then that is everywhere so it is a matter of take you chance - send out lots and lots of feelers. The individual hospitals will sponsor so just get E-mailing and see what you turn up.

    The big psych hospitals here are Wolston park. Princess Alexandra, Royal Brisbane Hospital, and Bailie-Henderson at Towoomba.

    Here are some links to Mental health services around Australia







  4. by   cicada
    I think that many hospitals will sponsor you on the temporary basis. 45 years is a limit if you want to obtain permanent residency in Australia. Then, one of DIMIA requirements is the age limit. What part of Australia do you want to live? Apply for licensure in that region through its Nurses Board. Good luck!
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    Some of the agencies promise to find hospitals that will sponsor nurses over the age of 45. We also have heard that NSW provides quick visas for nurses over 45 that are willing to work in rural areas. Has anyone heard of opportinities in NSW in regards to sponsorship/migration for us nurses over the age of 45. Thanks for your responses so far.