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  1. Why do they make it hard for us, BATCH 2006?? What rights do they have to interfere our plans and future?? As for myself, I studied four hard years at one of the best nursing schools here in the Philippines. I experienced so many hardships for me to understand all the concepts that i need to know about nursing. I have so many sleepless nights prior to that NLE last june 2006. Well, all of these paid off when i passed that exam. Then what...NOTHING!!! I do not understand why that dean from UP told the US not to hire Filipino nurses particularly those who are comming from BATCH 2006. She discriminated all of us. She does not have any right to do that. Why, is she that good? I bet that there are many nurses of batch 2006 who are far better than she is when she was our age. Then there are also people saying that the only way for us to take the NCLEX is if we go for a retake. Do you think its just that easy?? I can not understand why do we have to go for a retake. I do not know if these people (and you know who you are) know that a local license is not a requirement for you to take NCLEX. Do you know waht you are talking about in the first place?!

    Well anyway, if US will not accept us. So be it. We really can not contest whatever their decision will be. But I might as well say that if US will stick to their decision, it will become a lose-lose situation for both of us - we will not earn $20-40/hour but US will also lose 17,000 Filipino nurses. Yes different nationalities are now taking up nursing but for me, Filipinos are still the best caregivers, the most skilled and the most competent nurses in the world. Maybe some will agree but of course some may not. I don't care what you'll say but I am going to stick with it. I know this because I experienced the training that one of the best college of nursing gives to their students. Let me just add that if US will not really give us a chance then let us just serve our countrymen. After all, nursing is not really about money. Its about the hapiness that you feel when you serve those people who are in need for our care. :wink2:

    The only thing that i want to say to those mushroom schools and the people who are involve in that leakage issue, SHAME on you. You ruined the lives of BATCH 2006 (I am talking only to those who did not benefit from that leakage) and most especially you ruined the integrity of the profession that I love.

    To mind you, I am not angry. I just feel very...very...very.. disappointed to what is happening right now. All of us our hangin on the air and just could not make our next move. So, I am just speaking out loud.
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