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    As of Jan 2006, BC was to offer signing bonuses for new nurses that exceeded $1000 and were available to most new nurses relocating to BC with a position. I've done a search on the internet and cannot find any any information on this, other than the bonus that was given to those nurses in BC as of March 2006. Additionally, does anyone know if casual employees in BC are entitled to benefits, of, anykind???

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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    The BC Nurses' Union website is down for maintenance. As soon as it's back up I'll look into that. But I don't recall anything about signing bonuses for new nurses, only the retention bonuses they achieved in their recent collective agreement. (Which, incidentally, have not been properly paid out and the union is fighting with the province about it.) I'm pretty sure they have a relocation package, but it has to be supported by receipts. Check back in a little while.
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    joey1967, I've scoured the BCNU press releases and the collective agreement between BCNU and HEABC for anything pertaining to this $1000 new-hire signing bonus you asked about, and found absolutely nothing. The only signing bonus mentioned anywhere was the $3150 for nurses already employed. I went over the HEABC website news releases and agreements and didn't see anything there either. As for benefits for casuals, they are available. For details, go to then to Collective Agreement pdf, and look for pages 15 to 20 of the agreement. They seem to be more generous than Alberta in that area! Does that help?