Should I go for LPN or go for the RN?

  1. What are some ideas on this it worth doing LPN and then discovering I should have just done RN in the beginning?????
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  3. by   Peatness
    I had to make the same choice and I was returning to school at the age of 29 so getting through it quick was looking good to me. When I looked at my options and where I could go with the LPN and RN it was clear to me that I should go ahead with the 4 years of study, get my BScN, RN. Why waste time doing the LPN and then choose RN (which is what would have happened with me). I suggest you look at your long term goals-what RN's do vs LPN-and what it is you want to be doing. This is a personal choice that no one else can make for you. The more info you have the better prepared you will be. I am currently at McMaster in On and I would be lying if I said the work load was manageable. I have a previous degree for which I probably spent half the amount of time working on that I do now for my RN. Nursing is your life and this starts in school. If that doesn't appeal to you think about the LPN if you chose the RN path be prepared and make sure it's what you really want-those that fall to the side were not into it 100%. GOOD LUCK!! I hope my opinion served as some help. If you'd like some more insight into the RN program you can private message me and I'll answer as quick as I can. I wish you all the best.

  4. by   fergus51
    If you can do the RN right away, that would give you the most options in terms of jobs. If you do the LPN route, you will probably wind up working in long term care or a general medicine ward. If your goal is to work in maternity or intensive care or emergency you will have a harder time getting there as an LPN if you can at all. I think the LPNs are extremely valuable, but tend to be underused in many areas. I am now at a hospital with an all RN staff, but even in other hospitals I worked at in BC we never had LPNs in any specialty areas.