Send TOEFL results to whom?!

  1. I'm registering online for the TOEFL exam coz it was supposedly the most convenient way to do it, and this question pops up and says: Select score recipients.

    So I went on and chose "Nevada State Board of Nursing" with an accompanying drop down menu which says "Select School Type".

    Something tells me I shouldn't be in this registration form. I am not a student anymore, I am a fresh graduate! Yet, the choices were all for students!!! (graduate student, undergraduate.. etc) IF i chose graduate student, I should be in my masterals or something, right?

    So now I'm confused! To whom should i address my TOEFL results to? I have up to four options. And I'm afraid that if I just skip this, I'd have to pay an extra fee just to send my results to somewhere. HELP!!!
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  3. by   kathykaye
    i think Nevada doesn't require an english exam.... if they do require, include nevada BON as one of your recipient.

    your toefl score should be forwarded to CGFNS/ICHP for visa screen.