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  1. I`ve been accepted to the Bachelor of Nursing program to Seneca College(collaborative with York University).Please, give me some information if you know if there is some gradation of the Nursing schools,(what diploma is more "valuable"for employers?)Because I might be accepted to another places too lately.

    Another thing, how I can become an operatin room nurse or some sort of natal(sorry, don`t know the exact names)
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  3. by   fergus51
    Employers really don't seem to care where you went to school.

    If you want to be an operating room nurse you will need to find a hospital to train you after you graduate. You might be able to get a rotation in the OR as a student.
    If by natal you mean labor and delivery, then it's the same thing. Try to get a rotation there as a student and find a hospital that will train you as a new grad. Or you can work on a general floor for a year and then apply to either area.