School Nurse In Canada?

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I know that schools in the United States have school nurses...what about Canada? The schools that I went to did not have school nurses only in colleges and university. Anybody know the answer to this?
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  3. by   Fiona59
    If you are meaning a nurse in every school -- no not in my area.

    Schools are served by LPNs and RNs through the School Programme of the Community Health Services. They come in and do the immunizations and some vision screening.
  4. by   nursemama2be
    My daughters school does not have a school nurse that stays there full time. They do have an RN who comes to the school once or twice a week.

    In my area the only schools with full time RN's and RPN's are the university and college.
  5. by   nurse_nightingale
    Thanks for the information all you nurses...appreciate it. I guess Canadian schools do not really have a permanent regular full-time nurses.