1. OK l am not going to ignore the other code in Australia even though they are not my original love
    I will declare that when l first returned home with my NSWelsh born husband - l folllowed Parramatta cause he did - l must confess l am now secretly and occaiionally loudly a Storms fan

    So who do support

    When it comes to state of origin - L have to go with NSW - I go to work over the boarder beside which if l changed to Qld l would be divorced.

    When it comes to Union - Come on Aussie come on

    So who do support - why and for how long

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  3. by   NurseRachy
    I am a Storms fan, if anything, purely because my family is and it is an excellent opportunity to get together and have a drink, but very rarely do i hear anything about them beacuse we have a family member playing in the AFK and that obviously takes centre-stage. But getting back to the question GO STORMS!
  4. by   Tookie
    Yay go Storm
    We are now about to watch the state of origin
    - Go NSW- Sometimes here on the border we have to wait until later to watch the game - thank goodness it is on early - Starts soon - However l will stop watching it when the panel comes on - Love the panel

  5. by   NurseRachy
    oii - I love The Panel too!, esp Kate L! She has a way of coming across as really innocent or ignorant on alot of issues and she makes my friends and I laugh with her "Oh realllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy" actually we play drinking competitions waiting for her to say that! hehhe spices it up a little!! I will miss her when she has her maternity leave....
    Oh well.
  6. by   Evie

    Having been born and bred in Brisbane I am a die-hard Broncos and QLD supporter. Up here we don't have much time for "Mexicans" (ie NSWers) particularly around this time of year!! You really have to watch out if you declare your support for anyone other than the Maroons.

    My beloved Broncos are doing superbly this year and I am thinking that a Broncos/Canberra Grand Final will do nicely, thank you. I cannot stand that little Joey Johns - best player in the world I think not! Thank goodness Freddy Fitler is not playing origin any more - I find myself less nauseated watching the game!

    Come Wednesday night the streets of QLD and NSW will be deserted as football lovers far and wide shut down normal operations to watch the best series of the year, and the most important game, State of Origin 2..

    Good luck my darlings - Gordy, Darren, and the rest of the Maroons..