RN with MA, BA, and ASN wants to work abroad

  1. Background information:

    I have my both my BA and MA in anthropology. I have a strong interest in medical anthropology and transcultural nursing, which is why I decided to become a registered nurse. Originally, I wanted to complete a BA/BS to BSN program but was unable to as a result of geographic location and available funds. I completed my Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) and am now a cardiac step-down nurse.

    I am also an Italian citizen with an EU passport that I recently acquired through Italy's Dual Citizenship Program. As a result of my anthropology background, I also speak (Latin American) Spanish (fluently) and French (nearing fluency).


    1) I want to live and work in the EU (preferably in one of the better paying countries). I understand that there is a preference for EU citizens in most countries. Does that still apply to an American trained RN?
    2) I understand that for some EU licensing, I would require a BSN (e.g., the UK). Can this be waived if I have other, higher education or must I continue on to get my BSN/MSN?
    3) I have been in school for a VERY long time (8 years total between all my degrees) and would like to avoid spending a lot more time and money on formal education. If I were to have to obtain my BSN, what are some of the shortest online programs that I could complete?

    Thank you for your help!
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  3. by   babyNP.
    I'm afraid that I haven't heard that the EU pays nurses on the same scale of American nurses. The UK band level pay is about half of what I currently make and I have two friends from Sweden and Germany who aren't paid very well either...

    For the EU licensing, it's all dependent on the individual board of nursing equivalent about BSNs.

    Best of luck!
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    Currently there is not a EU license you have to meet the license requirements for the country you wish to work in and because you trained outside the EU you will have to meet requirements for the country for trained outside the EU. Doesn't matter that you are a EU citizen it goes on where you trained. There are a few UK citizens that trained as ADN in the US and they have been told my the NMC (UK nursing body) that they will not accept them at the moment. This may never change as in 2013 UK training becomes totally BSN