Results of election..Good or Bad for nurses?

  1. Could someone please exlain what will happen now that the Democrat party control the majority of the house. How will this affect the nurses applying for this good or bad for us ?
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  3. by   Rep
    In my opinion, this is good for us.
  4. by   RNKay31
    I think it is a good thing, and this is only my opinion
  5. by   Ari RN
    We need a change... I am glad that now the democratic party is majority. Hopefully, the war will end soon...... My opinion!
  6. by   nykhouston2003
    could you pls elaborate ?? what will make it benefical to those nurses applying to the U.S ?
  7. by   batasMTR_RN
    hoping for hte best
  8. by   lavalin
    The president clearly addressed Congress by name, but didn't really differentiate the House bill from the Senate bill. Does he need to do more?

    I read the president's speech closely and listened to it. It is clear to me that he favors the approach that the Senate is taking, a comprehensive approach.

    I didn't expect him to endorse a specific piece of legislation. But he made it clear that enforcement is not enough. And the House Republican bill is all about enforcement.
  9. by   lavalin
    these are the partial definition of terms.............

    house of representatives bill 4437 (the border protection, anti-terrorism, and illegal immigration control act of 2005) was passed by the united states house of representatives on december 16, 2005 by a vote of 239 to 182. passed house (92% of republicans supporting, 82% of democrats opposing) it is also known as the "sensenbrenner bill," for its sponsor in the house of representatives, wisconsin republican jim sensenbrenner. this bill is currently under consideration by the united states senate, after amendment by the senate judiciary committee. h.r. 4437 was the catalyst for the 2006 u.s. immigrant rights protests and was the first piece of legislation passed by a house of congress in the united states immigration debate. its parallel bill in the senate is the s. 2611, the comprehensive immigration reform act.

    senate bill 2611 (comprehensive immigration reform act) (abbreviated cira), is a united states senate bill dealing with immigration reform. it proposes to increase security along the southern united states border with mexico, allows long-time illegal immigrants to gain citizenship with some restrictions, and to increase the number of guest workers over and above those already present in the u.s. through a new "blue card" visa program. the sponsor of s. 2611 is senator arlen specter, who introduced it on april 7, 2006. it was passed on may 25, 2006, by a vote of 62-36. passed senate (90% of democrats supporting, 59% of republicans opposing) cloture was invoked, which limited debate to a 30 hour period. the parallel house bill h.r. 4437 deals with immigration differently.
  10. by   lavalin
    Quote from nykhouston2003
    could you pls elaborate ?? what will make it benefical to those nurses applying to the U.S ?

    We know where the House Republicans stand: They want to criminalize undocumented immigrants and the nurses, volunteers and people of faith who help them.
  11. by   lavalin

    Reid: ‘Committed to comprehensive’ reform

    Reid, a Nevada lawmaker, responded that Democrats were “committed to comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform,” and said that Bush was “flat out wrong about what happened to the immigration bill.”

    “It was President Bush and Republicans in Congress who lacked the backbone to stand up to the extreme right-wing of their party” and vote for a bipartisan plan, Reid said in a statement.

    “Sadly, President Bush and Republican leaders could not even get senators who supported and endorsed this bill to vote for it,” said Sen. Ken Salazar, Colorado Democrat, in a statement.

    The immigration debate has been complicated by November’s congressional elections in which Democrats are threatening to seize control of both houses from Bush’s Republican Party.