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  1. I am new here and I am thankful that I found this wonderful site which is very informative and helpful.

    I am a nursing student in Manila. I, together with 4 group mates, am doing a research on the relationship of the scholastic performance of Filipino nursing students to their rating in the Nurse Licensure Exam (NLE). In view of this, may I ask a moment of your time in answering this quick survey.

    Average grade in NCM 1-6 (or you can itemize your grade in each subject NCM 100, 101,... 105):
    Date graduated:
    School where you completed BSN:
    1st courser or 2nd courser:
    Length of time spent in reviewing for the NLE (in months):
    Date of NLE:
    Average rating in the NLE:

    If you are not comfortable posting your reply on this thread, you can PM it to me.

    Thank you for this favor. God bless.
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  3. by   bebe13
    Interesting research topic... I want to help...

    Sex: F
    Average grade in NCM 1-6:
    NCM 100 - 1.5
    NCM 101 - 1.75
    NCM 102 - 2
    NCM 103 - 2
    NCM 104 - 2
    NCM 105 - 1.75
    By the way, we have the same grade for our NCM lecture and RLE because they combine the grades at the end of the semester.
    Date graduated: April 2006
    School where you completed BSN: Olivarez College
    1st courser or 2nd courser: 2nd courser
    Length of time spent in reviewing for the NLE (in months): 3 months
    Date of NLE: I took the exam twice, June 2006 and June 2007. I surrendered the first license because of the leakage issue.
    Average rating in the NLE: 84.60%

    I hope you get more answers. I hope you also give us feedback on the result of your research. God bless.
  4. by   juan de la cruz
    "Old School" nurse here, but thought I'd post so here goes:

    Sex: M
    Age: late thirties, pushing forty
    Grades: (from an older BSN curriculum)

    Level II - Fundamentals with Maternal and Child Health
    NUR 101: 2.0
    NUR 102: 2.0

    Level III - Med-Surg, High Risk Maternal-Child, Psych
    NUR 103: 2.75
    NUR 104: 2.5

    Level IV - Leadership, Management, Research
    NUR 105: 2.5
    NUR 106: 2.25
    Elective Nursing Practice: 2.0

    Graduation Date
    : March 21, 1991
    School: CEU-Manila
    2nd Degree: No
    Length of time reviewing for NLE: 3 months
    NLE date: June 1991
    NLE rating: 82.2%

    As you can see, I didn't have the best grades during my BSN. Part of that is because of the school I went to. Nobody from the nursing school at CEU makes it to the honor roll or dean's list at the time. They are way too stingy when it comes to grades. It may have changed now. Anyway, I still did OK in my NLE and my nursing career in general. Even got accepted and graduated from an MSN program in the US.
  5. by   dang01
    Thank you, bebe01, for replying.
    I really hope I get more answers..
    Guys, your contribution will really be appreciated.