requirements for application of licensure in CANADA

  1. Hi if there's anyone who can help me I would just like to know what are the requirements for application of licensure in Canada?? I'm from the Philippines. Does it require a local board for foreign applicants?? Thank you! Godspeed:spin:
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Moving this thread to the Canadian forum. Each province in Canada handles their own licensure just as the states do in the US and they each have different requirements.

    There is a thread at the top of the Canadian forum that has links to each of the different boards and their contact information.

    Canada does require that you have passed the NLE before they will permit you to get licensed in Canada.
  4. by   spiritmagejkt
    I'm from the states originally and where I'm applying If your education doesn't match up with the provences there is a test out process and program they have you go through, and then everyone who graduated after 1983 has to write boards. I'm half way through the process and I started in July. The people I've been working with in this process have been wonderful though.
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  5. by   kiarra
    hi suzanne thanks for your reply. I have follow questions regarding the requirements for licensure in Canada. You mentioned that NLE is required but I was planning not to take the local board anymore. I'm planning to work on my nclex as soon as I graduate so right now my plans are a little bit messed up.

    If ever I take the NCLEX first and hopefully pass it and considering my option of not taking the NLE anymore, will the Canada BON accept it instead of the NLE as their requirement?

    By the way, I can't find the link showing the site for the canadian BON. All I found was for the US BON. thank you=)
  6. by   condorman
    As Suzanne said, each province of Canada has its own board of nursing. You should search the board of nursing of which province you want to go, like Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, etc.
    But, there is no way you would be able to apply for registration to any province unless you are a RN in your country of origin. So you should pass your NLE and become a RN there first. This is a fundamental requirement in every application for registration to the board of nursing of every province. And I advise you to gain some experience, too.
    NCLEX is for the US - so if you're an NCLEX passer or not - they don't care over here in Canada.
  7. by   kiarra
    ok thank you very much=)