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  1. Has anyone signed up with the following agencies in the nursing field?

    O Grady Peyton International

    Crytzer England Group

    Dignity Healthcare Group

    Marskell Health Group

    Premier Healthcare Professionals


    Please share your experience with them and other agencies too. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Razvannus
    Maybe is helpfully if you share maybe a country, from where this company is, or some another details.

    Please don't take this like an "attack" or something. I just try to help
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    You previously posted that re a new grad nurse educated in Canada but are you a Canadian citizen? That makes a huge difference in visa eligibility. As a new grad agencies may have little to no interest even if a Canadian citizen as there is little demand for new grad inexperienced nurses that need sponsorship
  5. by   BlackBee
    They are all based in the US. But have helped nurses and PT from Korea, India and the Philippines. A majority of them were newly grad nurses and PT.

    There are other agencies in my lists which I already have gathered feedback. The lists above were recommended by some people who have just heard but we're not able to provide feedback. I spoke OGP PT but not on the nursing side.

    I'm a Canadian and South Korean Citizen. Living in Canada for 10 years. Nurse educated in Canada. Physical Therapy educated in South Korea. Licensed PT in USA and Canada. Just recently passed the NCLEX in Arizona.
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  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    There is very minimal work for inexperienced new grad internationally educated nurses in most of the US. Your advantage is if you can get an offer as a Canadian citizen you can get a TN visa as a RN/BScN but you need to ensure not being licensed in Canada isn't a barrier. TN. Not passing the Canadian licensing exams 3x and therefore ineligible for a Canadian provincial nursing license may be a barrier. You need to consult with an immigration attorney to be certain.

    Good luck. There are few jobs in the US for US educated new grads and even less for new grad IENs. The unemployment rate for new grad US educated nurses is as high as 45% in some areas. You may have better luck securing a job offer as a PT
  7. by   dishes
    Recruitment agencies are more commonly used when the nursing job market is in a national/international shortage cycle, (as it was 10 years ago), currently the nursing job market is in a surplus cycle and employers do not need to use recruitment agencies. Hospitals & LTCs can use their own human resources staff to manage their recruitment and retention needs. Suggest you look on various healthcare employer's websites and submit your resume and cover letters directly.
  8. by   dishes
    The Marskell Health Group is not a recruitment agency, they are healthcare event hosts/organizers, their role is to organize job fairs in various North American cities.
  9. by   dishes
    BlackBee, I think O'Grady Peyton may have a booth at the job fair that is being held in Toronto this week, there may be other recruitment agencies and American employers there as well, maybe they can clarify what is the best route to obtain work in the US.
  10. by   BlackBee
    Thanks. I will check that out and might even call them tomorrow. My bf and some friends are already looking and asking around too for me. It's just most of them are PT practitioners that's why my knowledge in nurse recruitment are very limited. I will check out the job fairs. Thanks again.
  11. by   VnRn007
    I have been contacted by Crytzer England. And their offer sounds too good to be true!!! Are they!?!?
  12. by   dishes
    Quote from VnRn007
    I have been contacted by Crytzer England. And their offer sounds too good to be true!!! Are they!?!?
    If it sounds to good to be true, it likely is. Are you a UK educated nurse? Is Crytzer England offering you a position in the US? If so, there is no need for American hospitals to utilize a UK recruitment agency. If American hospitals are unable to recruit American nurses, their next step would be to recruit Canadian nurses. The reasons to recruit Canadian nurses before UK nurses are;
    US and Canada have a NAFTA agreement and Canadian nurses can be hired via TN visas
    Canadian nurses are similar to the US in that they are generalist trained
    Canadian nurses take the same national licensing exam as US nurses (the NCLEX)
    Recruiters can be more confident of a Canadian becoming licensed in the US than a UK nurse.
    There have been a couple IEN posters on Allnurses who recently posted about being lured to the US by recruitment agencies with green card and job promises, however, as soon as the IENs arrived in the US, they were informed by the agency that the job offer was rescinded. Their stories have the hallmarks of fraud, be very careful.
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  13. by   caringkay RN
    Please anyone know of a good recruiter to help migrate to Canada? Am in USA, with RN,BSN.
    Thank you all
  14. by   dishes
    Quote from caringkay RN
    Please anyone know of a good recruiter to help migrate to Canada? Am in USA, with RN,BSN.
    Thank you all
    Most Canadian nursing employers have more local qualified applicants than they have vacancies and do not actively recruit nurses from the US or any other country.
    You do not need an agency to help you migrate to Canada, you just need to read and follow the instructions on However, you should apply to NNAS to have your education assessed for equivalency to Canadian entry-to-practice competencies first, because it's likely that you will experience difficulties trying to become registered in Canada.
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