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  1. Hi Suzanne,ih i have an ID number for Cgfns since 2 to 3 years,should i apply for another application which is "Re-Application Packet "? Or i should apply for the "Application Packet "? Because i checked my Id number and still working,i sent them an email but nobody answered me.

    Another thing about ICD.I have sent my papers to ICD center less before 1 year when i was applying for Phoenix university and i have a report and an id number.Should i appy for them again to continue my Cgfns application???

    My third question is,if i am preparing to take my IELTS test i can not proceed with my papers because i didn't do the CGFNS Exam yet?I was thinking that I should secure a job in usa before doing my cgfns because the cgfns could expired and my papers wouldn't be finished.

    What 's your advice ?
    Thank you in adavance
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Step 1. I suggest that you concentrate on the NCLEX exam and forget about the CGFNS exam, especially since you can take the exam in either London or Hong Kong.

    Once you have gotten a pass on the NCLEX, then you can endorse to where ever you wish, including Ohio, etc.

    Step 2. You can begin the process of the English exams, as you will get the Visa Screen certificate as soon as you pass NCLEX and the English.
    You will not be able to secure a job without passing one of the nursing exams, it doesn't matter how much experience that you have in your country, the hospital needs to see a passing score before they will begin anything on your behalf.