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  1. hi, i'm new to this. i just have a quick question regarding my board application. i applied to the vermont board of nursing to take my nclex exam last year, August 2004 to be exact, they approved my application and i had contact with pearson vue at that time also. i just needed to notify vermont when i can do the exam, but due to some circumstances i was unable to sit for the nclex and now a year later would like to do the exam. my question is: is my application to the vermont board still valid? i am aware that i will need to repay the fee to pearson vue as that application had expired. can anyone help me wth this. thanks in advance.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You will need to contact the Vermont BON. Usually, the application, once it is approved and you have received the approval letter from the BON that you are now able to register with Pearson-Nue, is only good for one year. It should have said as much on the letter that you actually received from Vermont.

    So, more than likely you are going to need to refile with Vermont as well and pay another fee to them.
  4. by   rebek4
    thanks for your reply suzanne. i thought that might be the case, it's such a hassel to get transcripts etc organised again, but it can be done.

    i actually have been trying to contact vermont board since july 2005, via letter and telephone. i did not get a reply from my letter and i have been leaving messages on the voice mail. i will keep trying.

    thanks again.
  5. by   rebek4
    hi there! just got a reply from VT it looks like the application is valid for 2 years, yeah!!! now i've got to study. does anyone have any suggestions for overseas nurses, which nclex study packages are best to take? i am down under, syd, aust. tnx
  6. by   glogodschild
    Hi Rebek4,
    There are not quick study guides that are 100% viable. The best thing to do is study using critical thinking skills and apply this to the disease processes. What i mean is....use scenarios that are patient driven...make decisions of care for the patient starting with medications, lab, communication, teaching, etc. All these things keeping in mind where the patient is across the lifespan. Don't leave anything out as you study including the nursing process. The NCLEX is about critical thinking not memorizing answers to questions in a NCLEX study guide.....questions will change but application/knowledge does not and this is what will help you on the NCLEX.
    Good luck....set goals and stay focus!!!

    The Educator
  7. by   suzanne4
    Send your e-mail address to my pm box and I will send you the program that I use for International nurses.