questions on applying for Kentucky Rn

  1. hi! i'm a 2nd courser who took the board exams last december for the local board in the philippines. i'm seeking for help ....
    i am planning to take up nclex this year,
    but im so confused and lot of questions to ask.
    my auntie is living in kentucky,she is the one supporting me and she wants me to stay in their place if i had a chance to work in kentucky.i read in a blogsite that kentucky is one of the state in usa that doesn't require cgfns. but i do know someone who could confirm that because all of my friends are applying in california...
    hope you could help me...
    tnxs in advance...
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  3. by   lawrence01
    Hi. Welcome to I recommend reading Suzanne's "Primer" Sticky above and go to Kentucky's BON website.