Questions about Overseas Nursing Programme in the UK

  1. [FONT=tahoma][FONT=tahoma]Hi!

    I am a Registered Nurse in the Philippines and been here in the UK since December 2010 on a Student Visa. In October last year, I started working on my NMC application/registration in hope to do the ONP and become a Registered Nurse in the UK. The reason why I started on it late is a long story.

    [FONT=tahoma]At the moment, I am only waiting for my Assessment/Decision letter from the NMC, which according to them takes from 2 to 6 weeks; and I am also able to find an employer (a nursing home in London) once the decision comes through. And provided that the decision is positive, my new employer said they will sponsor my work permit.

    [FONT=tahoma]I am quite confused though, because two of my friends who did their ONP had to find an employer and a university at the same time to do their ONP. Both of them are also from the Philippines, so I assume that I will be doing the same as what they did. Is this always the case? Or can I do my ONP at the nursing home alone and not look for a university?

    I know I should have waited for the decision letter to come through first before looking for an employer, but since my visa is about to end very soon; I decided to look for an employer whilst waiting for the decision letter. I'm expecting the assessment letter to come no later than March 6, 2013, and my student visa will end in April; so my time is really tight.

    I would appreciate any advice on what to do with my situation.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Check the NMC website but as far as I remember ONP has to be through a NMC approved provider
  4. by   rob_t.
    Thank you for your response. I looked at approved providers (and there are only a few who do the ONP in England), and emailed them one by one; but I haven't got any response from any of them yet. Fingers crossed I get to make it on time.
  5. by   Q2012
    Hi,ONP needs to be done in an approved university.Then the supervised nursing course ( used to be called nursing adaptation) in a hospital or a nursing home.What kind of practice setting and the length of the supervised practice depends what it says on your NMC decision letter.A friend did ONP in Bournemouth University years ago,just give BU a call(don't email,just call them to get a straight answer).it might be worthy to apply for a student/student nurse visa there if the course is still available,so your immigration status is secured.Meanwhile,it is a double secure to look for a employer as well. Because as you've been here for a quite while,you know the paper works take long time. Good luck!
  6. by   rob_t.
    Thank you for this.

    So as I gather, the whole registration thing has two parts - ONP (done in a university) and supervised nursing course (in a hospital or nursing home). Now I have a secured place to do my supervised practice since I recently just got employed by this nursing home in London. So that means I'm yet to look for a university to do my ONP, is that right?

    I haven't received my decision letter yet, but I assume that it will be similar to the ones my friends received - 6 months supervised practice and ONP, since we were all trained in the same country.

    Thanks for your suggestion too. I heard that Bournemouth University doesn't do ONP on its own anymore. I think they incorporated it to their BSc course and one cannot just take the ONP on its own, same thing as in Anglia Ruskin University in Essex. I've done my research and the best choice I have at the moment is City University in London since the nursing home where I am going to do my supervised practice with is in London.

    I'm quite confused with the visa situation though. Because the nursing home said that once I get my decision letter, they will assign me a certificate of sponsorship and apply a work permit for me.

    But if I would need to do the ONP in a university, does that mean I need to apply a student visa as well?

    I mean how can my new employer process a work permit for me when I am not a registered nurse yet?

    Thanks for your time.
  7. by   Q2012
    I think if you got either a student visa or a work visa that you are ok to take ONP course. What I meant to get a student visa if you are not sure whether you will get a visa extension in time. But you seem confident,it's good.

    About work visa, if this nursing home is on the approved list that can run the supervised nursing practice course, they will be able to supply details to Home Office along with all the work permit paper works etc to show they will sponsor your training.I am not sure the work permit title will be student nurse or something else. But doesn't matter,because any work visa and even student nurse visa counts when you apply for your PR in 5 years time,student visa does not.

    Best wishes.