Question on permanent residence for spouse

  1. My girlfriend's I-485 (from F-1) is pending approval under the Nursing Schedule A category. I am currently on F-1 and hopefully will be changing to employment based H-1B (technical, not nursing) within a year. My question is, is it beneficial for me to marry her at this stage and add myself to her petition? If that's possible, would that get me permanent residence at the same time as her? Or would it be the same 4-6 year wait time as with a spouse of permanent residents who file seperately.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   FutureUSRN
    I am not a lawyer or a consultant....from what I know, you will have a problem on your "intent" if you marry her right before applying for I-485...INS has the right to suspect your intent for AOS, specially if you did something (like marrying) right before AOS.....

    you may consult a lawyer to be sure....