Prostitution and the disabled

  1. There's a thread on the general board about sex and the disabled patient. I posted a response about a case I was involved in where social work organised for a prostitute to attend to the patient, and Roland has requested more information. I know a little about the history of the Victorian Prostitutes' Collective, but I don't know the answers to his questions, Specifically:
    [QUOTE] I would be interested in knowing what the implications for society have been in Australia with the use of sex workers and the disabled? Has this always been legal or was it made so at some point? Have any formal studies been conducted that evaluate the effectiveness of such programs on patient quality of life or other health related outcomes? Are there formal protocols in place that facilitate the disabled being able to obtain access to sex workers, and who pays for this service (for instance does the public health plan provide such services under certain, specific circumstances). [QUOTE]
    Anybody able to answer?
    Thanks, Tara
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