Process NCLEX application in CALIfornia but take d exam in the Phil-Is that possible?

  1. can i process my application in the states but take my exam here in the philippines? is that possible?

    any response will be helpful . thanks!
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    We don't recommend Ca for initial license application unless you already have a work/immigrant visa and SSN, much has already been written why so suggest a search in this forum using California as key word

    You can start the application process where ever you want as long as you meet BON/BRN requirements for foreign trained and you can sit the exam anywhere in the world that has a test center, however be aware that when outside the US there is an extra fee and you have to call to book your test date.

    If you haven't already got a work/immigrant visa would also suggest you read up on retrogression as you will to the most be affected and you are not applying for NCLEX application but application to be a nurse in the US of which NCLEX is a part of that process
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