1. I currently work as a RMN working with older adults in a day hospital setting in London. I would like to train as a RGN to develop my career, but unfortunately cannot afford to leave work and do a two year accelerated course at my nearby university and my place of work cannot second me.

    I have racked my brains, and this is the only thing I can come up with, tell me please, is this daft?
    What if I apply for a nursing assistants position in a related area and then be seconded by them in a years time. That way I can still earn while I learn.
    Looking forward to hearing your comments
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  3. by   Nurse2BMonique21
    hi ya, id suggest maybe take out a career development loan, max they give you is 8 thousand, course has to be a minimum of 2 years, dont pay it bk untill your qualified, and id work part time as a rmn . I wouldnt work as an assistant and hope they would second you, as thats a risky strategy. You will be going to work on less pay every day( which is hard enough as it is!) , hoping they will like you enough to second you!. ...thats how i see it. Whats that saying, 'if the face fits'. I understand your dilemma, and i would weigh up what you really want. Either way it will require some sacrifices on your part. In terms of your finances look at what is a priority debt and a non priority debt, then work your way from there. Hope this helps a little bit..x