Pls help me with my paper!

  1. hello to everyone.
    I was asked to do a speech for my STS subject and im too crammed right now because of finals so i was hoping you guys could help me.

    My topic is "The issues of nurses going abroad,advantages and disadvantages."

    Any help will be much appreciated..

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  3. by   leiza
    i feel that since a lot of nurses are now going abroad- everybody who just wants to go abroad even if they dont like nursing as a profession are now wanting to be one.

    nursing schools are like mushrooms now.... the quality of nursing education can either be bad or maybe if there will be more competition then quality of education would improve.

    they say that someday philippines will be lacking of good nurses; but i want to disagree on since its a continuous process-- we send good nurses abroad then 2 or 3 more will replace her place here since we are producing a lot now!

    another ray of light... since there is an exodus of filipino nurses, there is a trend that parents wants their children to be a nurse.
    once enrolled in school, these student nurses will know and practice the value of good health.. and they could share their knowledge to those people around them-- who knows,, maybe thats our purpose -- to share our knowledge not just to our fellow filipinos but to the whole world! Good health management would alter everything!!!!