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  1. just immigrated to nj started my job on the 19th (remember me got job through agency have to work for 18 mths and in return i get my green cardsfor family and self) well the problem is i have my georgia stateboard and my job is in nj the agency said they would do everything on my behalf on my 3rd day of orientation (21st) we were told to stay at home ( by the hosp) because our njl was not ready the agency said they are not paying us because its not there fault that the nj state board is taking so long,my problem is why did they hurry me up to leave my job if the know things were not ready,i signed a form giving them permission to act on my behalf i had no idea i was commencing employment without a njl is that illegal the agency said its not illegal to commence orientation we were in classroom for the orientation but because we were ment to commence orientation on the wards we were ask to stay at home until our l is ready and rightly so do i have a right to be paid??the agency is my employer and they say no.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Your agency was signed to handle all of your paperwork, they were at fault. Not you. If they told you that everything was ready, and it wasn't. They should be responsible.

    Go to New Jersey's BON website. It will tell you that it is illegal for you to work in NJ, even to begin orientation in a classroom, if you physically don't have a NJ licnese number. This gives you proof that your agency is operating quite illegally. Where are they actually based? You could also contact the attorney general's office in NJ, as well as the BON.... I am sure that they would be quite happy to hear about this.....................

    another warning to make sure that you really check out the agency that you are signing with.................. :uhoh21:
  4. by   suzanne4
    Just looking back over your note, the agency could actually be in quite a bit of hot water with NJ, as they are acting as your employer and it is completely illegal for you to be orienting without a license. And they know it, especially if they are the ones that are handling your paperwork.......
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    the agency is based in savannah georgia,i would like to get some legal advice but will i be in trouble what about the hosp they commenced orientation without the l would they be in trouble,i'm not sure what i should do,someone from the agency is flying in to speak to us tomorrow.
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    the agency is based in savannah georgia,i would like to get some legal advice but will i be in trouble what about the hosp they commenced orientation without the l would they be in trouble,i'm not sure what i should do,someone from the agency is flying in to speak to us tomorrow.
    Let us know what the agency reps tell you after your meeting. They are difinitely at fault and I think that they know it. If they are a reputable agency, they are aware that it is illegal to begin orientation for any nursing position without having a valid nursing license in that state. That is a law of every Board of Nursing. They were probably in a hurry to get you started so that they could keep their contract, and also begin to get paid by the facility. Are you actually working in a hospital or LTC?
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    they were definitely in a hurry the recruiter at the hosp said he hurried the agency to get us there,its a hosp with a ltc facility, i feel so tired of everything i've been through with this agency,they are suggesting we work as cna's until theyget our l i'm not doing that but i'm not sure how long the l would take to come through,i've signed a lease for 1 year (my apt),i don't know what to do i'm just going to pray and trust god i feel as though i don't have the strength to fight these people and they are adamant that we will not be paid,i don't know what difference this meeting would do they are offering us loans to compensate but i refused because i did not take up this job offer to incur expenses this is ludicris.
  8. by   suzanne4
    I would definitely seek legal counsel...........................
  9. by   suzanne4
    But also remember that I said that something sounded "fishy' with that agency months ago when you first started posting.................

    All of you, please check out the recruiter that you are signing with, not just because they have a nice office or wear nice clothes...............Get everything in writing.................and hear form other nurses that are working for them. If they won't give you names, then DEFINITELY do not sign with them. Most recruiters that have done a good job have many nurses that tell them that their name can be used......................

    p.s. Please let me know the name of this recruiter so that I make sure that no one that I know uses them.........if you don't want to post it please send it to me in a PM.

    Thanks and good luck...............
  10. by   latone
    the agency rep said the president of the agency wants to pay us $300 for the week we refused she said she knew we would and found it insulting,she's going to try for them to at least pay us half salary,as for the lthey said the board is waiting for the return of the finger prints to come back apparently the board hires independant firm to send off the finger prints to the fbi she's also suggesting we do over the finger prints in case they were never sent,we did ask why they started our employment without a l and she said the hosp waivered the l during the orientation because they were told that the l would come through before we went to the wards,they are also trying to get a temp l by the time so we can start work so i still don't know when i'll be back to work, the president of the agency is suppose to call us today and we did say we expect him to discuss payment promptly.
  11. by   suzanne4
    They had paperwork giving them control over your paperwork, so it was their responsibility to follow up with things. They are the employer, not the hospital. They brought you over to begin work on a certain day, so they need to pay you from then, if that is what your agreement stated. It is their problem to deal with the Board of Nursing and the hospital. The agency ultimately responsible.

    Do you by any chance have a copy of the contract with you? I would love to see what is says.......................