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  1. I was trying to put my self in order today, I'm 7 days away from the exam.While I was reading the Nclex Bulletin ,I came a cross the signature and its conditions, that is should be in Latin Characters. In all my ID's, I used my life signature in Arabic language including my american passport(I'm american citizen) and application to the board.Should I change my signature in my driver license for example?. Or this is a condition for examiners a broad. I wrote to the Nclex about it, but they never replied. I will appreciate any help,Thanks.
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  3. by   ginger58
    I really don't know what you're talking about so I can't help you.
    Do you mean the signature should be in English letters like this typing?
    I have nothing against Arabic but in the US signatures are usually in English. They wouldn't accept a signature in Japanese or Chinese--I don't think.
  4. by   Aburusk
    Thanks for the reply ginger, based in your answer, Japanees should not accept signature in english because its not their Language.
    No body ever told mi about the signature except now.
    This is what the Nclex ask for; a signature with english letter (Latin).Its not hard for mi to change.Just I;m worried about the original signature in arabic and this new one in english.The board accepted my signature as is.
    By the way a signature is a signature many times even en english it look like chinese.
    Thanks again for not having any thing against arab.They neither have any thing against american people.
  5. by   ginger58
    I'm still not sure I'm getting what you're asking since I graduated before Nclex. You're right, a lot of English signatures, especially doctors' orders look like Egyptian tomb writing! Best.
  6. by   shannonFNP
    A signature should be in english. If a case ever came up against a medical record, it shouldn't take a translator to figure out who the nurse was that signed. When you're writing a letter in arabic, sign your name in arabic. If you're documenting in English, you need to sign your name in english. Hope this helps =)