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  1. Anyone..please help..I would like to ask if there will be no problem with my husband immigrant application if I will be changing my employer. I'm here in the US and I already have my green card and SSS number and I'm just waiting for my agency to deploy me on my employer.But it took so long so I'm thinking to withdraw my contract. Suppose to be we have the same interview schedule.Unfortunately, my husband needs to finish his contract with the other country so he was not able to join our interview schedule. Please advise..Thanks a lot.
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  3. by   augigi
    I think if you have your greencard in hand you should be ok, but I would urge you to check with an immigration lawyer or the USCIS website.
  4. by   batasMTR_RN
    yeah please try to checy it with an immigration lawyer... i am just wondrin why your agency cant deploy you right away when in fact there are many hospitals that need nurses....