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  1. Hi! I am new here, i just want to ask some advice regarding CDN RN exam in Ontario, what type of exams do they give and what study materials should i get. Hope you could help. Thanks.
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  3. by   fergus51
    It is a multiple choice exam and there is a prep book, usually available from your school bookstore or Chapters on line ("Canadian registered nurse exam prep guide" is the title). Really, most of the questions are about common sense, and if you've been paying attention the last few years in school, you'll be fine
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  4. by   nurse1975_25
    I used the NCLEX Made Incredibly Easy. I understand that it is for the American NCLEX exam but that is what I used and passed first time with no problems.

    I have also heard of a book titled "Diseases" not much nelp because I don't know the author but a friend of mine who is also a nurse in Ontario used that book and she did even better than I did.
  5. by   LydiaGreen
    The NClex is written in a different way than the Canadian Exam and the Ontario Exam, the NClex is also supposed to be easier... don't jump on me Americam RNs, that's what we've been told in Ontario. If you are going to be writing the Ontario exam, I have two recommendations for you. First, The Canadian RN Exam Prep Guide that is published by the CNA. It is written in the same style as both Canadian and Ontario exams - in fact, two of the faculty in my college are a part of the board that writes the questions (I am attending school in Ontario). It comes with a CD-Rom that is terrific. Second - Mosby's Canadian Comprehensive Review of Nursing. Some of their questions are also from one of my school's faculty. It is not exactly like the exam will be - but, it is designed to let you know where your deficits are. I love that part because then you can concentrate your studying on your weak areas. It also comes with a CD-Rom.

    Good luck studying and on your exam.
  6. by   sixes
    When I wrote my RNA in 1991 and then my RN in 1992.
    I used MOsby's Comperhensive review.
    I passed with flying colors. I had the highest score for provincials that year. I understand now that they don't give you your score just a pass or fail
    Good Luck.
    Use common sense, read carefuuly and don't second guess yourself. Answer the question and then move to the next. Remember your first instinct is your best one