planning to take nclex for the first time--confused!!!

  1. hello all!
    help needed please!
    i am planning to take the nclex for the first time and i have some questions so i'm asking for your advice please as i am confused

    i had my nursing education in the philippines but i am working as a nurse in uk since 2001.
    my sister lives in florida and has been asking me lots of times to take the nclex so that i can eventually be with her in the future. but i didn't feel ready until now. i'm thinking of taking the nclex without letting my sister know so that i can surprise her if i pass but if i fail then i will just keep quiet
    and try again...
    i had a look at the florida board of nursing website and there is an application form that can be printed but there is also a button there that says "apply online". do i have to do both or which one would you recommend?
    i have heard before that it is easier to take the nclex with california board of nursing. is that true?
    if you have a license with california, do you need to work in california first before you can move to another state like florida perhaps?
    and the website also mentioned that you need to to do a continuing education on prevention of medical records before they will issue your license. is that applicable even to first time licensees?
    this is all for now. maybe more questions to come later

    thank you all in advance for your replies.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Florida requires the CES report or other acceptable assessment before accepting your application. With retrogression currently looking at over 6 years wait and that is once you have found a employer willing to wait that long. CA will not accept application without a US SSN and we are seeing many denials at the moment due to concurrency issues. Florida if I remember rightly requires you to have worked in the state you received your initial license for at least 2 years to better to go direct to Florida. NCLEX is a national exam so doesn't matter where you take it all the questions come from the same pot. License requires vary from state to state but usually when trained overseas the requirements still have to be met when endorsing as if initial application