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  1. hello everyone, i graduated last year on march and took the NLE last december and passed. I am planning to take Nclex.

    Problem is I dont know where to start. All my friends don't want to take nclex yet and so I am on my own. Could anyone give me advise how to apply for the nclex? I am new to this and I don't understand some of the requirements because the situation is different here than in the US. I was planning for a licensure in California.

    I already know the site and downloaded the .pdf file. Now, where to start? I was thinking of going to the local review centers in my area. Do you think they can help me in processing my papers for application of exam or are they just there to help me study nclex? The last time I went there they told me when are you planning to take the exam?

    I answered I don't even know the schedule of exams. Unlike the NLE its june and december. And how long does it take for the processed papers to arrive so that I can apply for a review and I can have ample time to study.

    I sort of need a time frame to study then take the exam. than study and wait for months for confirmation of exams until what ive studied are slowly slipping away and end up forgetting the essential infos.

    Any advise is very much appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. by   lawrence01
    hi, mosh. welcome to

    i moved your thread to the int'l forum where it is more appropriate.

    pls. kindly read suzanne's "primer" sticky above and other stickies to guide you through the process. suzanne's stickies will answer all of your questions and then some.

    happy reading and don't hesitate to ask additional questions after reading the stickes.
  4. by   mosh
    thanks for the help ^_^