Overseas Nurses' Programs

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have been around this site for a quite a long while now. I'm just hooked on it--allnurses are the best part of my everyday

    I've been doing ICU here in the Philippines for about 6 years now. While most nurses are going to other countries, I'm going to follow where my heart is. To get settled in Aust has always been my life long dream and passion. I had this great chance to be there last year and I'm definitely going back, this time in Melb---I met a nurses agency there who sponsors nurses from the Phils. I am really excited about it and I hope I'll be able find my niche there! I will go Uni first for 3 months to get my RN. I was just wondering if somebody here have any idea of an Overseas Nurses Pre-Qualified Program? It's only for 3 months so I suppose it's going to be very rigid--How hard are the classes in Uni? What is it like? I hope I'll be able to get passed their standards.

    Wanna hear any ideas. thanks in advance
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  3. by   gwenith
    Can't tell you what it will be like but welcome to Aust BeverLie!!1
  4. by   BeverLIE
    thanks gwen that means a lot to me

    i am sooo excited to go back to oz again i'm beginning to miss my room here ...

    if only i can bring everything including my cat on my big move

    happy new-found friend:kiss