NZ Scientists In Breast Cancer Discovery

  1. NZ Scientists In Breast Cancer Discovery
    01/06/2004 07:22 AM

    New research suggests women could soon be immunised to help guard against breast cancer.

    Scientists at the Christchurch and Dunedin schools of medicine, and the University of Melbourne have established a link between a common virus and the cancer.

    Doctor Ann Richardson says research suggests those women under the age of 40 who contract cytomegalovirus have a higher chance of developing breast cancer later in life.

    She says more research is needed to establish a timeline as to how the virus may influence the development of breast cancer.

    It could eventually lead to children being immunised against the virus at a young age, to protect them from contracting it later in life.,,3762-3394546,00.html
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  3. by   Farkinott
    Maybe this story should be in nursing news.