NY RN to CA (reciprocity)

  1. hi! im a nurse from new york and im planning to move to California. how long would it take to get my reciprocity?? tnx!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    There is no reciprocity, only the NCLEX exam has reciprocity. You will need to go thru the endorsement process, License by Endorsement..........you can expect it to take about two months to get the permanent license, but if CA BRN has received verification from NY, then you can get a temporary license issued that same day if you go to their office in Sacramento.
  4. by   keindrasaldivar
    i am a tourist and still on status. i applied for the NCLEX exam at new york. i want to work in CA. what should i do and how long would it take for me to be able to work at CA after I pass? tnx!
  5. by   suzanne4
    You are going to be out of status before things will be done. And the bigger issue is that there is a retrogression in place right now, and not one thing can be done for you to get to stay past your expiration date of your visa. There is a hold on all petitions other than the I-140 and that will not give you permission to work in the US.

    You need to go thru the CVS process for NY, and at the ealiest, it takes minimum of four to six months to get that done. Your visa only has 180 days and you never want to try to extend it. In normal situations, most are denied, especially if you are waiting to get your exam done, not a valid reason for USCIS. And you will be asked to leave the US, you never want to get to that point.

    I highly suggest that you rethink your plans, right now, it is actually faster to get the process done if you were in the Philippines, as with Consular Processing, all can be done up until the scheduling of an interview date with the US Embassy and the medical exams.