NY NCLEX - Quick Question

  1. I read in a previous reply by Suzanne that for New York CVS, One doesn't have to be licensed in one's country but must have completed nursing and have full transcripts.

    I have full transcripts and I have registered also in my country.

    For CVS can I just mention my nursing college and say I am not licensed? I think this way I can save considerable amount of time, because the BON in my country is horribly slow to respond.

    Will this cause any problems in future, say for eg: my green card, or credentialing etc

    Please advice
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  3. by   suzanne4
    That would be considered giving false information and would be grounds for not issuing you a license as well as cancelling your plans to work in the US.
    For ever and ever.

    Do not with hold any information from any of those applications, I always say to err on the side of including too much, otherwise it can come back to bite you on the butt later.