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  1. Hi. I am a nursing student at the University of Tennessee in the U.S. I am doing a paper on Tuberculosis, and I need to get some information about it from a nurse in another country. I have already researched TB here in the states, but I need to the 1.)Issues 2.)Trends and 3.)strategies for managing TB in Canada. ANY information anyone can give would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thank You!!
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  3. by   canuckeh!
    This web site should be of assistance to you. It is the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control. Has links to lots of other info.

    < > hit searcg enter tuberculosis

    Hope this is of some help to you.
  4. by   canuckeh!
    sorry for the typo should be hit "search"
  5. by   vashka25
    If you go into "" you can search literally any health concern/anomoly as well as all of the trends, epidemiological stats, etc for all of Canada. Good luck on your assignment!!